Real Estate Transactions

Although California law does not require the use of an attorney for real estate transactions, hiring an attorney provides additional assurances. Due to the financial and legal factors involved, if you're considering entering into a real estate transaction, below are some of the things an attorney can do to give you peace of mind:

  • Reviews purchase contracts to make sure there are no issues to be resolved
  • Makes sure the title is good and that there are no undisclosed liens against the property
  • Ensures that the contract terms are acceptable and that there are no issues that will cause problems at closing.

In most cases, hiring an attorney provides additional assurances. Never sign anything unless you understand it and are completely comfortable with it.


At the Harris Law Firm we have experience in the following areas of real estate: 

  • Partition of jointly held property (real property concurrently owned by two or more persons).
  • Purchase and sales of property
  • Foreclosure defense
  • Evictions

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